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I just came back from one week in Tulum.

I walked for hours on the beach, my feet in the white warm sand.

Jumped into the waves, crystal clear water, blue, turquoise, green.

Listened to the music everywhere, every time, magic beats and sacred sounds.

I took yoga classes. You know, not the “I am trying to do better than the sweaty person next to me” yoga, but a gentle, soft one. I stretched my muscles, breathed, relaxed.

I was lucky enough to participate in a meditation ceremony in the New Year’s eve where I let go of 2017, opened my heart to the new year, threw my wishes into the sea while the bright moon illuminated my face. I hugged strangers and I smiled.

I just came back from one week in Tulum, and I feel awake.

My body is awake, I respected him, loved him, nurtured him.

My mind is awake, clear, peaceful.

My soul is awake, feed with love and laughter.

Happy 2018!

Some adresses

Sleep : Nomade, Los Amigos, Amansala Chica

Eat : Raw love café, Nomade, Matcha Mama , Casa Jaguar

Yoga : Amansala, Yoga shala at Le petit Hotel

SPA : Yann

Drinks : Mur Mur, Chai tea at Casa jaguar.

Night : Papaya playa project, Ahaum, Gitano

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