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Biophilic Design?

"Come into the Light" by Daniel Popper



An innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world

We don’t need expensive materials or amazing technologies to make Art that will move people.

How does this piece make you feel?

I am humble, and grateful in front of so much beauty made of wood, ropes and plants. This guy opens his heart and let us in. Please come as you are, no questions asked. And it’s the most amazing place. You fell right there because you know that it is made for human, it didn’t use more natural resources than it should to be created, and it will continue to grow. We are Welcome.

It’s actually very similar to the process of designing a House or an Interior.

The most sophisticated, over the top, high end, crazy expensive ones can amaze us but often won’t touch our soul. We won’t even want to live there.

Why? Because there is no humanity: The ceiling is too high, the rooms are too large, and they are so many that there is not one place where we HAVE to be together.

Yes, there is a huge kitchen, but who’s cooking anyways?

And please don’t touch this or that, it costs so much money…don’t touch, don’t feel anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I like big houses, comfort and modernity. I won’t live in a hut in the middle of the forest (those who know me are sure of that ! )

But they have to be designed very carefully to be human friendly in every ways.

And you know when you achieve it because it’s a place where we can rest our mind, where we will remember meaningful conversations. Because our friends will love to stay for diner and the best parties are always there!

A word about Biophilic design :

Biophilic design is a sustainable design strategy that reconnects people with the natural environment. Biophilic spaces are defined as environments that strengthens life and support our sociological and psychological components. For example, they unburden our cognitive system, supporting it in collecting and recognizing more information in the quickest and most efficient way. They foster the optimum of our sensorial system, avoiding both the depressing and the exciting effects. According to many clinical evidence, they support the neuro-endoctrine and immunological system. Having a window looking out at plants or having plants in the room, is claimed to help speed up the healing process of patients in hospitals.

And it’s no secret that biophilic design improve productivity and performance in the workplace.

How to create a Biophilic space?

The addition of plants in our indoor environments is an obvious application but that’s just the beginning.

We incorporate material from Nature like wood or stone but also water and we use natural colors.

We maximize the natural light by opening large windows overlooking a natural environment.

Even the representation of natural pattern like leaf arrangement or spirals is associated in our brain with living things.

A space that uses naturalistic shapes and forms as fractals and curves can be highly evocative and satisfy biophilic design needs.


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